Bom Dia


We are wrapping up the last two weeks of the UX Design program at Brainstation, and as things get closer to the end (and the end of summer), I find myself anxious to jump back into the design industry with a new perspective.

Of course, the last 8 weeks I've met about 20 new people. I've seen them more than anyone else this summer and there is a bit of sadness thinking we will all be done here pretty soon. I'm excited to see the direction they choose to take after this is over, and hopefully run into some of them throughout my own journey :-)

Bom Dia- my baby i've been working on. Sometimes you just have so many visions and hopes for something and have to remember the constraints of the moment. I can only do so much for the amount of time I have left, but 'better done than perfect'. The hours of research, testing, building, testing again, changing everything and going back to sketching, testing, more research, more sketching...... etc etc..... you go through these waves of motivation, and then sometimes you hit a wall and have to go for a walk to recenter.. and SOMETIMES you feel like throwing your laptop at a brick wall. It'll be a rewarding feeling to step back and finally see the outcome.

Now, the final challenge I want to mention. Sacrificing a summer. I don't mean just sacrificing going to the beach, enjoying the sunshine, going on a trip or camping... I mean mentally blocking out as many distractions (as I possibly could, haha) and prioritizing my brain capacity to absorb as much as possible during my time here.  Many days I was burnt out.. felt like I went on a brain marathon (wait what??) while trying to keep up with the things that were necessary for my happiness/ health. However, I'm proud. Easy at times, really #@*&%*$& hard at times. One of the best decisions I've made for myself was coming here with the intention of opening new doors. Walking out, I'll have gained so much more including a higher respect for UX design and an!ex!cite!ment!about!this!in!dust!ry!that!I!LOVE!!!so!!!!MUCH!!!!! <3

Andrea Ross