Verre. (Coming to Vancouver)

Liam Breen, a good friend of mine and killer chef (with a pretty impressive resume), has moved back from living in Dubai and is now working on opening his own restaurant, Verre. I am honoured he asked me to create their logo and work on their website (currently in works), but most of all I’m proud of him and look forward to all the time we’ll be spending at the restaurant.

We see Liam often during the week: during his breaks, after a long day of overseeing the restaurant, between phone calls and sometimes when he has the time to cook us the most amazzzzinngggg food I have ever had. He’s shared so much knowledge with me since I’ve taken more interest in cooking, which reiterates just how much experience and passion he has. Having worked in multiple restaurants, I have the upmost respect for chefs. It requires vulnerability to share your art, leadership to create a strong team and A LOT of energy- early mornings, late nights, lots and lots of stress & pressure.

We got a look at the progress of the restaurant and it’s already such a gorgeous, bright space, right along the water in Coal Harbour. We’re all looking forward to seeing the finished product and celebrate all the hard work Liam and the Verre. team have put in.

Cooking, DesignAndrea Ross